Hey there! How’s your week going? I’m on my way to Atlantic City today with Charlotte. Back in July, we won a free night at the Showboat. We’re really excited! We’ve never been. I’ll be back tomorrow, in the meantime, here is a list of things that made me happy this past week.

+ the ever-changing window display of Hampden Junque
+ doing my (self-employed) work while I was out at bars
+ hanging out with Charlotte, Cristen, and Jason
+ getting my phone fixed
+ raspberry margaritas

+ walking my penguin balloon down my street
+ watching Harriet The Spy
+ getting past 222 likes on Facebook
+ my dad selling over 1,000 copies of his book

+ funny pizza option signs
+ seeing downtown Pittsburgh
+ writing letters in Bonnie Jeanne’s house
+ seeing Knit The Bridge before it was de-installed
+ seeing a gyro cook that looked and acted like Kenny Powers

+ the pretty lights at Fuji
+ hanging out with Kenna and Tiffany and getting to catch up
+ edamame, shrimp tempura roll, lemon drop martini
+ my bra matching my skirt

+ keeping up with radical self love and reading Gala’s self love letters
+ watching John Mulaney’s stand up (again)
+ seeing the new layout for my blog by the lovely Michelle
+ finishing the Monthly Marvels packages and mailing them out

+ trying a new Mexican restaurant with Nick
+ eating alligator for the first time
+ getting a lot of vintage costume jewelry from my great aunt
+ Knit The Bridge starting to donate the panels as blankets

+ my dad doing a lot of cleaning in the house
+ deciding to do a 50 mile work out challenge in September with Janice
+ keeping up with 30 Days Of Lists
+ scheduling an appointment with a small business specialist
+ this sandwich dress

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“When you see a rainbow in the sky, Breathe it in. And make your room into a rainbow room.” – Yoko Ono

I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!