Happy Wednesday! We’re half way through January at this point. Also, you might like to know that today is Appreciate A Dragon Day. Are you doing your duty as a human citizen? Here are some of the things that made me happy in the past week.
+ pretty fake sky

+ riding a mechanical bull for the first time
+ Bug
+ garland in umbrellas
+ Sarah photographing me, a mess in my knitting

+ seeing a lot of dogs out for walks
+ Zoe’s Kitchen lunch with coworkers
+ Andria sending me a picture of an upholstered tree trunk
+ my music class laughing at the term ‘g-string’
+ Bug pushing a piece of chalk back and forth to draw (or so I’ve decided)
+ the executive director riding the mechanical bull at the work party and then running around the circle, high-fiving all of his staff
+ singing loudly in the car by myself
+ people being excited about balloons
+ buying more yarn at AC Moore (and using it all!)
+ watching Tiny Furniture
+ making packages for penpals
+ adding quotes to my quotebook and awesome stuff to my bulletin board
+ drawing with sidewalk chalk
+ making the decision to start sharing Fun A Day pictures
+ beginning to work on valentines
+ a woman telling me she liked the flyers I was putting up and then I gave her my card
+ finishing my 26 Acts Of Kindness project (more Friday!)
+ creative thinking

What’s been making you happy this week?