Happy last week of January! I hope this month was fun for you. Don’t forget to tell me your top ten things from this month. I’ll share mine Friday. As for now, here are some things that have been making me happy this week. PS – today is Inane Answering Machine Day!
+ pretty doors
+ gold themed outfits
+ bringing sheets of bubble wrap into work for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
+ Bug being content
+ knitting red hearts


+ buying a scratch off ticket to try it.. even though I lost
+ facilitating an awkward game of hangman at a work training
+ two days of no day program = easy work days
+ seeing Riff Trax with Matt at the theater (Manos: The Hands Of Fate)
+ a video about cylinders
+ nearing the end of the Fun A Day project
+ seeing this image: Break In Case Of Fabulous
+ strange interactions between people in line at the Chinese restaurant
+ watching Britney Girl Dale videos
+ writing postcards to strangers and making packages for penpals
+ watching Moonrise Kingdom again
+ hot water working at home again
+ tree heart installation by Oh Happy Day
+ drawing in the snow with colored dye with coworkers & at home
+ my new purple phone case
+ package of hospital items from Janice
+ doing themed knitting projects
+ ordering a custom portrait from here
+ laughing at gross cat hair ball jewelry
What’s been making you happy this week?