Happy Wednesday! I’m really excited about today, because later I get to go set up for Fun A Day! Yayy. Let me share some of the things that made me happy last week.
+ my dad getting me a cake to celebrate completing Fun A Day
+ playing musical art chairs at work.. you draw while the music is on and when it stops you pass your paper to the right. one guy did captions!
+ going out to Federal Hill
+ the view from the parking garage
+ going to a bar called Pub Dog that has pictures of dogs on the wall
+ this being what Bug thinks of my mail
+ wearing flower flats in spite of winter
+ Matt cleaning off my windows.. after a bit

+ asking the guy at Subway (in Walmart) (there is also an Auntie Anne’s) for a sticker and he gave me a party hat
+ finishing Fun A Day
+ finally being able to relax
+ ordering a new camera
+ it turning midnight and wishing Charlotte & Chris a happy Groundhog Day
+ responding to a lot of mail
+ building a fort and writing mail in it
+ Bug collapsing the fort
+ the Ravens winning the Superbowl and watching this time lapse video of celebrations downtown
+ watching the Puppy Bowl
+ bean and cheese dip
+ feeling productive
+ buying party supplies
+ dyeing my hair (just a brown)
+ this post about making your own color
+ finishing my writing prompts from Michelle’s inspiration kit for January
+ buying cheap yarn
+ getting my caricature done by an Etsy artist
+ reading people’s Top Ten lists for January

What’s been making you happy this week?