This weekend was my favorite! I’ll be posting about the opening specifically in a couple days, but let me share some of the things that made me happy this week.
+ new pineapple phone charm

+ the metal art house and cars by Michelle’s new house


+ Graffiti Alley (gold!)


+ being in Paper Moon, even if I decided not to eat there


+ eating sushi with Michelle in Harbor East (sweet potato roll!)
+ dressing up for Mardi Gras
+ setting up my display at Fun A Day
+ the actual opening (so good) and getting so much support
+ Cristen’s cake pops
+ meeting Kris
+ Flight of the Conchords
+ giving valentines and toys to coworkers
+ searching for specific interests on sendsomething to send/get rid of some of my postcards
+ beginning to use a lot more of my stickers (de-stash!)
+ downloading new music
+ having an unbirthday party in class at work
+ starting to work on kits for Etsy
+ finally getting my Global Forever stamps
+ tour of Michelle’s new house
+ celebratory dinner at El Salto
+ eating breakfast at Broadway Diner with Matt (eating something called the Hobo Banquet)
+ meeting two new kitties: Hank & Delilah
+ taping up some of my favorite postcards to my dresser
+ getting a new fancy camera!
+ being featured in this article!
What’s been making you happy this week?