Happy Love Your Pet Day!
Here are some things that have made me happy in the past week.
+ cloud stamp
+ being interviewed for Fox45 local news for Fun A Day
[edit] — watch footage here, I’m 6:15-7:45ish
+ heart balloon card from my dad
+ this poodle not letting the rain cramp his thirst for life
+ getting dressed up for Valentine’s Day
+ goodies from coworkers
+ going to Create Baltimore
+ Matt making me a CD with the first track being “Feelin Yo Booty” by R Kelly
+ fancy pizza from Squisitos
+ LaShandra noticing my knitting resembled a carrot and getting an idea for Easter 😉
+ being productive at work
+ free falafel
+ being able to pass out my business card
+ my dad making a sign for our front door saying “Mary the TV star lives here!”
+ flying a kite
+ being in a generally good mood
+ deciding to stick with my goal of drinking only water for a week even though I’m apparently having caffeine withdrawal
+ gluing things to shoes
+ Bug purring on my belly (Belly Time)
+ Fresh Market lunch (Greek Wrap, broccoli apple salad, veggie chips)
+ watching a lot of Girls
+ getting a lot of Valentine’s mail
What’s been making you happy this week?