Last week I didn’t post a happiness list because I decided that I didn’t want to blog until I did something special for my 500th post. So, I’m going to include stuff from the past two weeks! It’s going to be long!
Also, you might like to know that today is Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day. I don’t really like country music that much, but this is still a fun holiday. What’s the best one you can think of?
+ little yellow cactii


+ giving a bag of chips to everyone in my office for Chip Day


+ Rita’s on the first day of Spring


+ Vegan lunch at Land Of Kush


+ AVAM Gift Shop


+ sequined tunic


+ pretty snow dusting (even though it sucked to drive in)


+ majestic pups named Indy



+ pictures of spoons
+ dancing to The Beatles’ Birthday song
+ seeing clothes dry on a line outside
+ John Mulaney’s stand up “New In Town
+ seeing Burt Wonderstone with Matt, even though it was bad
+ getting the best root beer of all time at the Qdoba in Columbia
+ watching (and finishing) House Of Cards on Netflix (even though I hated the finale)
+ getting a good response to the Blind Books post
+ sitting on the lips chair at AVAM with Jenn
+ knowing my way well enough around the city that I can navigate around detours
+ listening to old mix CDs
+ daylight savings light
+ painting my nails (twice!)
+ being able to see the progress when I knit for an hour straight
+ getting gas in my pajamas
+ the Greek wrap from Fresh Market
+ shopping sprees at Target and Party City
+ filling Easter eggs for street art
+ getting a baby shirt with a Velcro cape for Matt’s cousins’ baby
+ the fact that you can say “nipple syrup” and trick people into thinking you’re just saying “maple syrup”
+ the Saladworks guy remembering my name
+ eating with Sarah
+ a member referring to her religion as “holyness”
+ ordering four appetizers to share with Charlotte
+ buying seed bomb supplies
+ listening to Green Day loudly in a trashy area
+ getting our picture taken with the Easter Bunny
+ talking to the AT&T guys about Destiny’s Child
+ fixing my phone
+ dancing to Icona Pop
+ focusing on similarities
+ talking to my dad about getting his book published next month!
+ finding out a penpal is coming to Annapolis in May
+ Kaelah and Tammy linking to me
+ buying new yarn
+ drunk at Cheeseburger in Paradise
+ finding out about the Mary’s Garden yarnbombing in Baltimore
+ talking to April on the phone
+ being excited to go to a carnival dance music festival in Chicago
What’s been making you happy this week?