To be honest, the past week was the worst one of 2013. I got stressed out by everything, felt depressed, and on top of all of that, I was sick with bronchitis. It became difficult for me to even meet my minimum of three things to write in my happy journal every day. Usually, I don’t even remember that I made that rule for myself, because it’s easy to find things. But feeling emotionally and physically miserable made it difficult.
However, I was able to find good things, and this is the time that it’s the most important to do that. I’ve had a much better day today, and I look forward to this coming week.
+ giving Matt his Easter basket

+ the healing hands of a PhD
+ an accidental carrot stain I found on my desk
+ this baby musk ox
+ vacuuming my house
+ getting the dryer fixed
+ watching archived Katie Sokoler videos
+ tweeting what countries I think look like penises
+ having the tallest and shortest members at work slow dance to “I Believe I Can Fly”
+ the moment I felt like I could sit up from my paralyzed state and start knitting
+ my dad bringing me the book Sneaky Art from work (he works at a library) and the wonderful ideas in it
+ my fever going down
+ cutting out images from magazines
+ eating Noodles & Company
+ taking pictures of nature and graffiti
+ making collaged postcards
+ weeding through old clip art
+ my baskets from Matt, his mom, and my dad
+ deciding Bug’s religion is called Buggery
+ Bowser sitting on my lap
What made you happy this week?