Hey! Happy Wednesday! I’m feeling good this week. Everything is bright and Spring is here and I need to go to 7-11 today to get a Slurpee.
+ the tree in my front yard blossoming

+ mixing random yarns together
+ going to Happy Hour with a bunch of my awesome coworkers
+ purple flowers sprouting, reminding me of Nannie
+ wearing an outfit based on a pack of highlighters
+ rusty mailboxes in the city
+ making another bird feeder for entertainment for Bug
+ hanging fake flowers on the wall for everyone in my office
+ puppies in the park
+ a bracelet a member made for me after I convinced her to go to class
+ organizing a human rainbow formation photoshoot at work
+ going to the bathroom at Cheeburger with The Beatles playing really loudly and imagining what the 60s were like
+ listening to and making mix CDs
+ buying a bunch of colorful supplies at the craft store
+ Bug chasing around a bug
+ my dad’s book being published/on Amazon
* if you can, send him congratulatory mail! message me for the address *
+ getting a pedicure
+ using my mermaid glitter nail polish for the first time
+ the “that’s not that much cheese” scene in 30 Rock
+ trying to choreograph a dance to “I Knew You Were Trouble” despite my hatred for Taylor Swift
+ finding Matt of spudart
+ the pretty decor of Paladar
+ sweet potato soft tacos
+ waking up from my angry nap
+ trying to Cool Ranch Doritos Taco (with chicken)
+ the show Nathan For You
+ sweet potato & pecan pancakes at Silver Diner
+ really high pink ceilings
+ meeting up with Sailor at Red Emma’s
+ doing a yarnbomb made from thrift store yarn
+ planning an Artbomb Party (please come!)
+ finally feeling not sick!
+ wonderful mail in my PO Box
+ Sam texting me to ask if Bug has balls
+ getting everyone to celebrate Draw A Bird Day with me
+ windows down weather
+ 6.5 years with Matt
+ $6 Chinese lunch
What’s been making you happy this week?