This week has been full of high highs and low lows. I’m going to focus on the highs here, though. That’s all I can do.Also.. note that today is Haiku Day, Blah Blah Blah Day, and Bat Appreciation Day. I’m interested if you celebrate any of these things.

+ a cactus in a restaurant
+ writing positive affirmations on posters with the members and having a photoshoot
(“I use color for happiness”)

+ meeting a puppy

+ Charlotte hula hooping with Indy outside

+ awesome lanterns hanging in a tree (and a disco ball!)

+ playing skee ball in a restaurant

+ being back in twinkle alley

+ confetti letters

+ beautiful ceilings in restaurants
+ giving my dad his Congrats card for getting his book published, and a bunch of my mail friends sending him congratulatory mail as well (e-mail me if you want his address to do the same!)
+ knitting on Charlotte’s porch
+ deciding on my next yarnbomb project
+ meeting Bo/Bob
+ the gift cards I got for free being $25 each
+ eating tappas including cheese pie and mashed potatoes that looked like ice cream
+ writing a bunch of postcards about the Rockafeller Skank
+ a very raspberry drink at Bad Decisions
+ using the term “bread piece” to refer to a slice of bread
+ making little paper garlands
+ buying a bunch of yarn for cheap at Michaels
+ getting my last Birchbox
+ a nice thank you note from Cindy
+ addressing like 60 postcards and using an entire bag of stickers to decorate them
+ Kris being understanding and rescheduling my interview
+ beginning to make cork sailboats
+ being interviewed for Collette’s blog
+ my horrible lack of skill for a southern accent
+ being able to go places in my dreams that I can’t when I’m awake
+ encouraging e-mails and texts
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What’s been making you happy this week?