Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!
Speaking of happy, look at this list! I’ve got the happy going on. I hope you do too!
+ beautiful flowers outside my work
+ Artbomb flyers (come!)
+ pink plastic bling
+ the name of this Chinese restaurant
+ Bug wishing Matt a happy birthday
+ new underwear from Aerie with an awesome sticker
+ pretty mural in Baltimore
+ giant flower in my hair
look at this pink theme!

+ awesome picture of the sea in a book at The Book Thing
+ writing haikus for Haiku Day
+ watching the Bug DVD I made for Matt’s birthday
+ bright orange sunset
+ signing up for Michelle’s Salad Bar (an interactive mail project)
+ cleaning out my purse and wallet
+ adding change to my Rainy Day bank
+ shaking Bug’s paw to say goodbye
+ this video of the cat and the vacuum cleaner
+ taking a drive 45 minutes away just to go to Sheetz with Matt
+ finding out about a new flea market to go to
+ watching Asssscat on Netflix
+ fried apple slices dipped in icing
+ yarnbombing my pyramid installation
+ going thrifting before the tornado warning went into effect
+ no traffic on the way home from work (once or twice)
+ Matt making me crepes at midnight
+ responding to mail and getting delightful missives
+ broccoli salad
+ writing thank you cards to coworkers and getting a hug and thank yous in response
+ leaving out postcards for strangers to send to their friends
+ my dad vacuuming the inside of my car
+ stickers from Highlights magazines in the 90s
+ getting a wedding gift for my high school best friend
+ making seedbombs for Earth Day
+ old Fall Out Boy
+ actually getting my butt to the gym/being Michael Phelps
+ finding out the guy who runs the baltiamore tumblr has seen a lot of my installations and even participated in the What’s Up one!
+ Matt liking his presents
+ cleaning the bathroom (finally)
What’s made you happy this week?