Happy Wednesday and High Five Day! Last night I had people over to make positive signs that we’re going to hold up on the street corner on Saturday. If you’re local, you should definitely join us! I’ve been celebrating unusual holidays and making time to be outside when I can since the weather is nice. I’ve also been catching up on a lot of things which feels really nice. I hope you’re doing well!

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Decorating our stoop like crazy

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Adding googly eyes to things

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Cheesecake in the middle of the day

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Daffodils everywhere

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Bulldog mascot

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Dainty English Bulldogs

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Celebrating Record Store Day

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Cuddles with Max

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Picnic with Laura and Joe

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Clogging the sink at April’s birthday dinner

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Beautiful murals in Silver Spring

[Extra Sparkle] * Sitting out on our front porch and encouraging people to draw with sidewalk chalk and giving dogs out on walks treats and water * Sausages and mashed potatoes for dinner * Homemade bread from Maura * A worry stone from Aruba that naturally has the thumb print carved into it * Absurd plague masks for children to learn about Passover labeled “Blood”, “Boils” and “First Born” * Seeing the first ever picture of a black hole in space * Showcasing all the birds everyone drew for Draw A Bird Day * Starting to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, naturally * Exploring cool thrift stores * Finally having groceries (and a friend mailing me food from Amazon) * CBD vape pen in yellow * Starting to look into the history of the land my house was built on * Tarot readings for myself and watching April Gemini Tarot readings on YouTube * Small tax refund from last year finally coming through * My dad writing silly things in chalk in front of my house * Listening to songs that are exclusively about puns * Walking around Cylborn Arboretum while Laura told us interesting facts about plans and fungi on Plant Appreciation Day * Someone in a wedding dress telling me happy birthday and me telling her happy wedding day, but turns out we were both just wearing what we wanted to wear and it was just a Saturday * Giving April “it’s Always Sunny” themed birthday presents * Learning the best technique for picking crabs I’ve ever seen * Watching Joe pick crabs for his first time * Late night chocolate chip cookies * All the dogs on Bulldog Day

Upcoming Unusual Holidays

18 – High Five Day
18 – Poem In Your Pocket Day
19 – Bicycle Day
20 – Husband Appreciation Day
20 – Pot Smokers Day
20 – Look Alike Day
21 – Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
22 – Earth Day
22 – Jelly Bean Day
23 – Movie Theatre Day
23 – Talk Like Shakespeare Day

What’s on your happiness list this week?