Happy. Gotta focus on the happy.
+ having a picnic on a hill with Jenn

+ wearing my pineapple print dress for the first time

+ making arrow crafts and talking about moving forward at work

+ pretty paper lantern garland in Hampden

+ funny times to pause a DVD
+ going to the gym three times
+ preparing a bunch of envelopes and sending a lot of mail!
+ doing laundry so I can wear new clothes
+ adding decorations to my car
+ nice weather
+ a work luncheon: Bring Your Best Dish
+ 90’s themed stickers
+ looking up at no clouds in the sky and feeling a perspective on life beneath a massive sky/planet
+ seeing a lot of dogs
+ making up stories for little kids playing strangely
+ dancing with a member to “Rhythm Of The Night
+ helping two people from the University of Baltimore’s knitting group install their first yarnbombing
+ Episode 19 of this season’s Park and Recreation
+ discovering more of Bug’s hoarding pile underneath the loveseat
+ possibly getting a table at the Baltimore Pride Parade
+ joining the Art Abandonment group on Facebook
+ joining The League Of Extraordinary Penpals (finally)
+ stringing ribbons together
+ cutting out one orange balloon
+ doing some guerilla gardening
+ writing birthday cards to three early May babes
+ seeing all the postcards people have mailed my dad to congratulate him on his book getting published
+ rewatching Amélie
+ cutting images out of magazines
+ creating pointless surveys
+ Amy Schumer’s stand up
+ beginning to plan a surprise
+ Janice’s gypsy dazzle belt for dance class
+ awesome links from Michelle
What’s made you happy this week?