Here are the good things that happened this week:
+ beautiful bunting
+ clown nose
+ setting up an interactive table near the Kinetic Sculpture Race
+ metaphorically high-fiving the city
+ decorating cupcakes at work
+ when Bug purrs
+ creepily sitting on a stoop, eating a burrito, and watching people use my street art
+ $1 jello shots and a nice bartender
+ tinsel in my hair at the end of the day
+ writing and sending about 50 cards for some of the members of The League Of Extraordinary Penpals
+ my dad getting me stuff I needed at the craft store, as well as multiple vanilla milkshakes
+ a member’s face, covered in icing
+ colorful eyeshadow
+ buying props and stuff for mail at Party City
+ friends and coworkers talking out my feelings with me
+ the post about the girl who decorated her street
+ Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch
+ not getting a parking ticket even though I didn’t pay for long enough
+ singing in the car with Charlotte to the one Taylor Swift song I like
+ putting Hoobastank on the jukebox, like Raffi
+ Bug cuddles before work
+ going to an Artbomb Party
+ meeting new people
+ nice weather
+ packages from Janice and Bonnie Jeanne
+ decorating my car
+ deciding to not look for inspiring blogs, but to make my own
+ muffin pizzas
+ this song and video
I appreciate the support and happy comments, texts, e-mails, etc.
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What’s been making you happy this week?