You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” – Andy Warhol
We’re halfway through May already! Mid month check in… how are you doing with your goals? I’m almost at the month countdown to my birthday (and due date for my 2013 goals), and I’m getting nervous! The good news is that everything is possible. Some more good news is today is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day and Straw Hat Day. Bonus points if you focus on inner beauty while wearing a beautiful straw hat.
So here is what has been good for me in the past week.
+ being a part of the interactive mobile at my work’s art show at AVAM
+ being with Michelle on Suzie’s birthday, so we could wish her a happy one!
+ Bug’s purrs, existence, and warmth
+ this view of Baltimore
+ the “outtakes” from my Illusion Photo
+ wearing purple tights sent to me via mail and a silver (tulle) skirt and shoes
+ Janice making a wish for me at 11:11
+ wearing teal lipstick
+ getting a nice e-mail from Tricia at Daring Hue
+ Janice getting an A in one of her classes and finishing the semester
(congrats to everyone who finished their semesters!)
+ making a list of 150 random things to do
+ AVAM doing a six word project (if you’ve been there, help them out!)
+ people receiving their Life Pacts packages (more tomorrow)
+ good feedback on Pointless Surveys
+ making a sun catcher
+ the thing I wanted at Target (Parks and Rec DVD) being on sale
+ seeing my doctor and talking shit out
+ leaving stickers and treasures in Federal Hill
+ blasting the air conditioning while driving and contemplatively crunching on a taquito
+ I listed my top six episodes of It’s Always Sunny
+ buying myself flowers (even though they didn’t get delivered)
+ finally fixing the problem with the flower delivery
+ making a tattoo appointment
+ a package full of handmade envelopes from Karen
+ this brilliant and colorful party
+ great feedback on the sidewalk chalk stair photo
+ this quote
+ getting extremely drunk with Sam, Nick, and Kirsten
+ going through a drive-thru for only a bottle of water and onion rings
+ dancing, bonding, pizza
+ having an art picnic
+ seeing Melissa, Dan, and Lisa at the Grant Avenue Market in Takoma Park
+ buying dinosaur stationery
+ gifs of me dancing
+ buying a roll of stamps
Help the Baltimore Love Project get funding.
What’s been making you happy this week?