Hey there, beautiful. Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well. On Monday I kept coming to my office to do work, sitting down, and just nothing happened. I would even light candles, draw affirmation cards, and try really hard to get motivated, but it just wasn’t happening. I ended up giving in and not really doing anything. And on the first day of October, no less! You’d think I’d be all geared up for the spookiest/best month of the year! But my body/brain just wasn’t feeling it. You’re totally allowed to have days like that. Ultimately, I’d rather stuff I create come from a place of enthusiasm and passion than obligation and force.

Speaking of which, I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about getting motivated, specifically for being more creative lately, and it reminded me that a few years ago I interviewed a bunch of people on that very topic! It’s an oldie, but goodie. I specifically asked them two questions: 1) What do you do when you are lacking motivation to be creative? and 2) What advice do you have for someone in a mental block, who feels they lack motivation and inspiration to make the things they love? Check it out and weigh in in the comments.

This past week wasn’t super eventful for me. I experienced a bout of depression towards the end of last week and we ended up not doing Fuck Yeah Fridays like normal, so no grand adventures of that kind to tell of. But I did attend a semi-formal dinner for my friend, Laura. I told her in advance that I didn’t know what “semi-formal”, let alone “fancy” meant, and I ended up getting a tuxedo shirt, Mac-ing (cutting the sleeves out, deep), keeping the wrist cuffs on stripper-style (with fancy cuff links), with a cumberbun, necktie, mini top hat, tutu, sparkly shoes, and best of all, a monocle. Are you ready for this?

Semi-Formal Outfit Ridiculous | Uncustomary

I mean, who knows what the fuck fancy means anyway, right? Be warned, if you invite me to a party and mandate the attire be “semi-formal” or “fancy”, I’m coming in this outfit… and at one point in the night Joe ripped one of the arm holes open all the way to the waist seam. So I’m going to be extra sexy.

Oh! Here’s an update: I went to city hall to advocate for my needs yesterday, am super proud of myself, grateful I have that right/opportunity, and happy with the compromise and deal that my neighbor and I came to on the aggressive/hazardous construction that’s been going on next door for the past five months. Also, before anything started, the city council guy said, “All rise” and everyone did it, and he laughed his ass off and said, “I can’t tell you to do that, this isn’t a court room“, and I like that he does that every day and laughs equally hard each time. Love what you do, babes.

In other news, yesterday I announced the pre-sale of a new e-course: Relieve Anxiety. It’s all about what anxiety is and how to treat it with healthy and holistic tools, tips, and activities. It will come with meditations, EFT/Tapping trainings, interactive worksheets, affirmations, playlists, and more. It’s on the early-bird price right now since it won’t be live till October 16th, so get it cheap while you can, because when it goes live the price will go up.

Check Out “Relieve Anxiety” E-Course

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Studio photoshoot day with Maura (and dressing up like best witches with our matching brooms) * Booking a very special podcast guest (stay tuned) * A new mouse pad * Joe’s photoshop editing skills to make actual magic happen * Brainstorming work ideas and Joe being genuinely interested and extremely helpful * Deep googling Kesha in binges so I have a lot of material to look at at once * Cheese plates * Fancy houses with elaborate cocktail bars (even if I regretted those two drinks the next morning because I really just can’t even handle alcohol anymore) * Being able to stock up on costume supplies for different photo series I want to do over the next year since Halloween stores are up * Videos of dogs riding in motorcycles wearing goggles, with a much smaller dog wearing goggles strapped to his stomach * How affectionate Molly has been and how she shows love completely differently to me, Joe, and Cristen * Having the opportunity to go to city hall to object to the zoning situation with the aggressive, haphazard construction that has been happening next door for over five months and has not only damaged my property but has caused me to lose work because I can’t have meetings/record things with all the noise, and being pleasantly surprised at meeting some reasonable compromises and deals with the home owner for the future including the ability for me to ask for an hour break of silence if I need to record things as long as I do it in advance * Hearing all of Maura’s ideas * All the amazingly strong women who are supporting Dr. Ford and the men who believe her no questions asked and stand up for her to other people who don’t * Popcorn, Barq’s root beer, and watching “Trick R Treat” with Joe for my first time as part of his yearly tradition on October 1st (I loved it, have you seen it?)

“Here comes the change
We’re coming of age
This is not a phase…”

What’s on your happiness list this week?

Semi-Formal Photo: Maura Housley