Happy Wednesday! It’s also Talk Like A Pirate Day – here are 20 ways you can celebrate. I didn’t do very much this past week. I had a medication issue and it messed with my brain a bit, so I took it easy. I did visit historic Savage Mills for their (I believe it was 202nd?) birthday celebration, which turned out to not be as exciting as we thought it would be, but we did have a good time walking around the giant antique store. Then, Joe and I went to the Frederick Pagan Pride festival and visited downtown Hagerstown.

This next week I’m excited for Mabon, the Fall Equinox celebration with Baltimore Reclaiming, shooting with Maura, Fuck Yeah Friday with Joe, and the Full Moon gathering! Stay tuned for more pictures.

I also announced an event I’m co-hosting with my friend, Kitty. If you’re in the Baltimore area, I’d love to have you join us to hold up positive, uplifting signs on the side of the road next month. Click here for details/to RSVP.

Oh! And I’m going to be helping my podcast producer host an awesome episode live this Sunday on the Tin Can Media network’s Kettle Of Fish podcast — it’s all about HAPPY people and happy things. Listen in on September 23rd at 1:30 EST.

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * the Pagan Pride festival having free admission with a canned food donation * shopping at the mall (I know, weird) and getting some cool stuff like a super soft pumpkin blanket, a knitted pumpkin decoration, and a bunch of new flower crowns * Joe doing laundry, cleaning, and taking out the trash after I passed out for five hours after eating way too much ice cream * going into a Boscov’s and feeling like we entered the past * eating a cheesesteak in the food court while watching the screen marquee show us awesome animals on Instagram to follow * the cat who won’t leave his house without his backpack * new It’s Always Sunny episodes * the new Jurassic World movie * watching the Reno 911 Miami movie (can’t believe how funny that still is after all these years, and so many cameos!) — also, the scene where Junior fills up a cup of Pepto Bismal and alka seltzer and then drops a shot of tequila in it while he’s sitting on the toilet is pretty reminiscent of my 20’s * running into Mike and Brooke * Jess and Katie making a custom Starbucks cup * keeping our Tamagatchis alive * adding quotes/inspirational phrases to Instagram and getting positive reactions

What’s on your happiness list this week?