This past week has been quite the dose of magic, whimsy, and surrealism that I’ve desperately needed in my life.

  • It started with David London’s Surrealist Garden party called “Illuminated” that I went to with the wonderful April. Stay tuned for a write-up on that all on its own! And it didn’t stop there! I went to a 2,500 acre garden in Delaware, and in the middle of it was the most elaborate enchanted faerie garden I’ve ever been to.
  • After that, we drove a few miles to an Oddporium full of skulls, crystals, haunted dolls, ouija boards, escape route maps of a tuberculosis ward, clips of fabric from serial killers clothing, lie detectors, cyclops pig, uranium glass, old wheelchairs, morgue cooler door, pelts, medical tools… amazing!!
  • (TW: incest, murder, ghosts) And to top the night off, we drove above the border into Pennsylvania to Devil’s Road AKA Cossart Road. It’s on a very long, windy road where “The Village” was filmed, and the trees appear to be growing away from the forest (creepy!). We allegedly trespassed into the woods onto the property of what used to be the Dupont Mansion, as in the people who make paint.  The urban myth is there was a lot of incest in the family, and they would kill the deformed kids and bury them on the property. When we were up on the hill, I saw two pairs of eyes and got Joe to come in my eye line and without even telling him what to look for he saw the eyes! When we got home, we looked at the photos he took, and there are blue and yellow energy/spirit swooshes from that direction (not even orbs, like something running, it’s crazy)!
  • Last night, I got something off my chest that’s been weighing on me and then I got to watch “I Kill Giants” which is an extremely magical, whimsical movie that’s kind of like Harriet The Spy meets Moonrise Kingdom meets magical super powers. I highly recommend it.

PS – Going live today on Instagram to talk about decluttering your life — and doing a free tapping session for everyone!

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Bob the goldfish * drinking champagne out of a goldfish bowl with Swedish fish at the bottom * using a bubble wand to create a giant bubble with a smaller bubble inside it * learning about the history of the Peale Center * seeing April happy cry * having a painted on mustache with pink lipstick * a clock where every hour was made out of another clock * an old map of Baltimore * sleeping in * restarting my Etsy shop * a tram tour through Winterthur Gardens * learning the meaning of the word “follies” * the incredible Enchanted Forest with all the faerie gardens and homes, tea parties, nests, libraries, mushroom circle, pumping water fountain, wishing well, and may pole * finding the perfect pentacle challice at the Oddporium * the store kitty, Grin, exposing his belly to us * the store lady showing us the thermal/ghost photo of the back room (holy shit!) * finally finding Spirit Junkie at Barnes and Noble * Very Berry Hibiscus drink with lemonade instead of water at Starbucks with my gift card * Joe putting a Magic Lilly flower in my hair * wearing my blue tutu and Against Me! shirt all day * accidentally throwing away my septum ring into the mall trash can and fishing it out with an audience * seeing how creepy the trees are on Devil’s Road * finding a pentagram spray painted on the road * a sticker that said “GOD DAMNIT” plastered onto the “No Trespassing” sign * finding my new favorite bridge in the world (Smith Bridge in Pennsylvania) * Ouija Board stencils * Joe making my phone a better quality and giving me that portrait mode that iPhones have * finding a twig in my tutu from urban exploring when I went pee at a rest stop with some nuns * A long, creative, satisfying photoshoot with Maura * making a nature mandala * Cristen bringing my home a crab cake * carving out Oreo moons * Paul Rudd with a beard * Joe making me a yellow glittery treasure/momento box * patterned moon paper from Michaels * silly girl rock * the cats loving sleeping on the banana costume * dude bros yelling, “Work it! Give me more banana, I need more potassium!” while I was doing the banana suit shoot with Maura outside

What’s on your happiness list this week?