This past week was Joe’s birthday, and even though his plans for the weekend drastically changed he found the good in everything and it’s so amazingly refreshing to be around that all the time. He gets news that would make me cry and he just takes a shower and comes out dancing like, “At least I get to spend the whole day with you and wear my favorite underwear!” That’s finding the joy in life. That’s gratitude.

I got to spend Sunday with Maura on our outdoor photoshoot day, driving around finding new murals that have popped up this summer in Baltimore. There’s always beauty to be found everywhere, even here. Even there. Everywhere.

Today I have a lot of work to do. I have to write this post, write a newsletter (are you subscribed?), record an EFT training for the Uncustomary Babes (are you a member yet?), and prep for an Instagram Live video later this evening (I hope you’ll tune in). It’s all good, though! I’m really enjoying creating content for you. Especially the membership group! It’s really pumping in there. I’m so proud of it and everyone in there.

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Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Watching the lady behind us in traffic eat multiple corn on the cobs * The glowing house logo on the At Home store at dusk * BBQ at a place in between two indoor soccer fields * A cookie from Sheetz * Walking around downtown Frederick at night after everything closed and looking at the window displays * Getting a fancy rootbeer in a glass bottle from a pop store * Boyfriend the cat flipping a switch and finally deciding he likes me and starting to hang out with me * My landlord getting us a new working dryer and fixing the leak in the skylight in my office * Joe in his birthday party hat * Driving out to Gibson Island to sit on a lookout on the beach to try to watch the meteor shower late at night * Light up ice cubes in my water bottle * Checking off “lifeguard chair” from my Make Out Bucket List * Finally watching “Airheads” * Surprising Cristen by replacing the lightbulbs in her bathroom while she was on vacation * Starting to work on a free magical e-course * Finishing writing and sending postcards for happy mail for the Uncustomary Babes * Joe fixing my microphone * Getting a sequin backpack in the mail from Janice * Janice offering up a free subscription to someone who needed it to the membership group * Taking a walk with Joe around my neighborhood and paying attention to the details * My blankets being washed and extra fluffy again * Finding out it’s only $2 to go to the pool down the block from me * A googly eye rock in someone’s planter box * Trying out an under eye mask * My LED light up moon * Witch Hazel and hand sanitizer easing the itch of my bug bites (that I never get but got a ton of from standing in a field) * Joe telling me I’m 64% on my way to my goal of becoming Frankie Bergstein when I’m old

What’s on your happiness list this week?