Hey! It’s 8-8-18! Nothing is impossible today! I read that somewhere. About this date specifically.
I have an abnormal amount of eights on my astrological birth chart. It’s a lot. Just throwing that out there with no attempt to integrate it in a way that makes sense.

This past week I did a lot of work, I did a Lammas ritual with Baltimore Reclaiming, and I got to see my favorite band in the world perform the song I’ve been waiting to hear for SO LONG in my hometown. It was glorious. I flirted with the merch guy so I got the stuff I wanted up front and he held it for me till the end, and I got a spot dead center, four rows back from the rowdy pit that I am officially too old for. I am, however, not too old to scream every lyric and dance in my personal bubble of space with great intensity, just on my own terms. It was a wonderful night.

Recently, I’ve been getting back into abundance practices. I’m focusing, manifesting, planning, and giving as much as I can to the universe! What are you up to?

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Maura making us a Best Friends Bucket List * Seeing Against Me! live in Baltimore and finally getting to see them sing “Walking Is Still Honest” ahhhhhhhhh!!! * Participating in the Lammas ritual with Baltimore Reclaiming * Feeding myself delicious food from Ekiben after feeling a little emotionally depleted post-Lammas * Taking a trip to York, PA to visit an At Home store (holy shit, babes, it’s like Home Goods but Costco sized!) * Literally crying with joy in the yellow section of the throw pillow aisle (if you missed it, you better up your Instagram game!) * Seeing a Shoe House and getting some shoevenirs * The lady at the Shoe House showing us photos of all her amazingly elaborate past Halloween costumes * Going to feed ducks, finding geese instead, and Joe literally herding them with bread * Eating deep-fried Oreos and winning a slinky at the duck game at the carnival * My neighbor knocking on our door to give me a plant and then when I said, “Going to the witch store, do you need anything?” she said, “Get me a warlock, won’t you?” * Sneezing and cracking three of my vertebrae at the same time * Welcoming new members into the Uncustomary Babes group * Random calls from Maura * How Joe makes my life easier to live and a space where I want to see myself thrive

What’s on your happiness list this week?