Perspective is a funny thing. And it can hit you on either end. Right now, I’m trying to find the good in stuff, and to be aware of the important factors of everything. I’m extremely looking forward to my trip to Chicago this weekend, as I think it’s exactly what I need right now.
+ sending myself googly eye flowers
+ the fact that Bryan must like wolves
+ my dad dedicating his book to me
+ colorful streamers at the NAMI Walk
+ Charlotte singing karaoke to “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” to cheer me up
+ lovely ladies sending me pictures of them using their umbrellas from their Life Pacts packages
+ a member drawing this window, then the crack, then jumping back and saying “Ah! My window’s broken!”
+ wearing a dress with a cool collar
+ my stationery from Korea arriving (this is my favorite)
+ mid day nap snuggles with Bug
+ finding some motivation
+ Hyperbole And A Half’s post (and the symbolic and hilarious piece of corn)
+ buying a bunch of new yarn and making progress on the rainbow tree
+ sending in my Salad Bar entry to Michelle
+ printing out an image from Tumblr that spoke to me, and hanging it on my wall
+ getting drunk at Cheeseburger In Paradise
+ the bartender buying us like half of our drinks, including raspberry jello shots
+ dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and The Dougie
+ talking about Random Acts Of Kindness at work
+ a Katy Perry mash-up that was so long it wasn’t even annoying
+ wrapping my dad’s birthday gifts and him enjoying them
+ the beginning part of Gala’s TILT post
+ getting my prints from the Grant Avenue Market photobooth
+ Mary Mail having it’s one year anniversary
+ April describing rituals we can do when we’re together in Chicago
+ Michelle’s post about onions
+ bonding with dad over Italian food and discussing book possibilities
+ seeing Tiffany and laughing a lot at Applebee’s
+ nothing terrible happening at NAMI Walk, like it has in the past
+ the dancing guy at NAMI Walk
+ buying and watching season two of Workaholics
+ working on my goal list for next year
+ making mail
+ looking through old pictures
+ getting a hair cut (more layers!)
+ getting a matching manicure and pedicure (mermaid style)
+ turning my phone off for a little while
+ the joy of this boy before he died
+ Michelle being free to hang out with me on my birthday

What’s been making you happy this week?