Happy Wednesday! It’s been raining monsoon season style this past week, phew. Luckily, I’ve been feeling inspired to create, so it hasn’t cramped my style too hard. The main two things I did last week was go to Charlotte’s 30th birthday party and to ArtScape. Otherwise, I’ve been staying at home, working, and hanging out. Things are beep booping along, and I’m glad you’re here with me. Let’s keep having a great week!

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Napping with Molly in the afternoon sunlight * Little Caeser’s Pizza * Journaling for the May Cause Miracles book course * Berry smoothie with energy boosters * Goodies from the witch stores * Clearing the air with things that are my mind and also with sage * Drinking ice water * Finding a journal with a moon on it * Joe helping me make graphics and freebies you babes have been enjoying * Having motivation and inspiration for once in a very long time * A call with Jenni of ChronicBabe * Felicia the Alpaca (an addition to my ever-growing alpaca family) * Hard lemonade * Finally finishing my workday and coming into my room and Joe working on the Daily Self-Love Worksheet we designed and watching my favorite band on TV * Charlotte’s in the rain 30th birthday party at Downs Park * Recognizing that my life is not filled with drama because I’ve removed the dramatic people from it * Handmade pinatas * Party ball game (I had never played before!) * Putting all the mini bottles of liquor I won in my cleavage * Getting a letter from Laura * Dancing in my room to “Hero” by Enrique Inglisies * Medetteranian food delivery for dinner * Taking lessons from a baby on expressing emotions * Taking video footage of an absurdly decked out car in a parking lot and putting it to the audio of Foo Fighters’ “Hero” * Microfiber fabric * Going to Artscape, the largest free art festival in the country (a couple miles from my house) * A bunch of free stuff from vendors * Getting the high score on the memory game (I am very good at the memory game) * Eating the first and last bites of Joe’s corn dog * Festival lemonade (Making a screenprint that says, “When we come together we can make a change” * Seeing a dog in a stroller * Listening to a man play a violin along with pop music that activated my Synesthesia and made it feel like someone was stroking my left arm * Noticing they put all the self-love/witchy crew in one section of the festival * My secret free parking spot every year mwahahahha not telling

What’s on your happiness list this week?