My first week as a thirty something has been good, and it sure as hell started with a bang! (Did you see my post about turning thirty?) I can’t wait to tell you about the party of my dreams, what was in my time capsule I made for myself when I was 23, and share some details of what my Past Life Regression session was like that Maura got me as a present! Here’s some little joy highlights from the week…

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Two slices of pizza to go * Neon signs * Late night/early morning baths * Teal bricks * When people really take the time to beautify their homes * Making things official with Joe * Swinging at the park while lightning bugs light up the grass like magic * Driving around looking for colorful mailboxes * How when I’m on my period I know exactly what I want to eat * Getting a new purple wig at a discount * Having my hair played with * Hearing about dreams I’m in * Being so happy I keep forgetting to document things * Sitting down at Guitar Center and placing out the “Reserved” sign I carry around with me on one of the stools so I could rest my feet up * Taking Joe to Honey Bee Diner in Glen Burnie for the first time * Voting in the Primary election * Vacuuming my entire house just to have it covered in confetti * Opening my time capsule * Getting a Past Life Regression session * The best birthday party I’ve ever had/could have imagined (more to come on all three of those, stay tuned!)

What’s on your happiness list this week?