Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going? Today is a New Moon, and a great time to set intentions, create goals, and start projects. Let’s do this! What’s on the agenda, babes?

I’ve had a great week. I had a wonderful lunch date with Maura at Liquid Earth on National Best Friends Day, went to an awesome punky pop show on Friday, Charlotte’s birthday party Saturday (and saw her amazing new house that I’m 90% happy for and 10% jealous of– her backyard is like an actual fairyland), and Sunday was packed with brunch, Honfest, art supply store, and watching Good Burger (that shit holds up.. it’s legitimately funny still). Yesterday I did a guerrilla art installation and had a sunset picnic on the top of Federal Hill before going to my favorite bar (that I can walk to from my house — Bar Liquorice; if you haven’t been, GO!). Now I’m having a work day before going to the New Moon Gathering this evening. Turns out life is pretty great when you fill it up with good things. 😉

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Running my hands over patterned papers * Honfest * Brunch at Paper Moon * Visiting Divine’s Grave * A store clerk telling me I’m the “famous Mary England” * Sandwiches with Muenster cheese, tomatoes, and sprouts * Breaking into an inventory cart to bust out ten cans of Jolt Cola since they weren’t on the shelves yet * Seeing someone wearing earrings that said “Mind Your Own Business” * Taking a yellow latex balloon from the counter at Nordstrom’s * Dancing/singing acapella to The Backstreet Boys on the street and a chef on his smoke break cheering me on * Seeing Mikey Erg, Dr. Frank, Even In Blackouts, and Braceface at Wind Up Space and getting to meet the bands, take pictures with them, and then hang out with them on the porch at Feed The Scene * Listening the Kesha’s “Rainbow” album at loud volumes * Watching pimple/spider bite/black head popping videos * Watching a duck try to eat a baby’s food and then the baby’s mom saying, “That duck’s gonna learn today! Gonna turn into some duck liver patte if she keeps messin’ with my baby” * Watching MXC * Came home to a lovely gemstone soap present from Cristen that she got on her trip to Florida * Everything Gala Darling is doing right now * Looking at old pictures of Sadie the beagle * Someone reminding me that 5HTP is a thing!

I just learned about Zach Anner, and I’m totally in love. Now it’s your turn to fall in love.

What’s on your happiness list this week?