Wow, life is pretty fucking great lately. My Bipolar is slightly kicking my ass and a med change is a bit of an ordeal, but I’m very happy and having a great time with my days. I slept in today, woke up to Cristen spooning me and telling me she missed me while she was away. Now I’m listening to gratitude messages from Maura and Janice, burning a candle I got from the I Care Crate and some Palo Santo. I listened to a morning meditation from Abraham Hicks, and as soon as I hit publish on this post, I’m going to get dressed, do my hair and make-up, and get started on my work day with some serious intent.

Happy June, by the way! I’m turning 30 this month! Crazy. For those of you that have asked, I do have an Amazon Wishlist going. And if you’re local and want to stop by my party on the day of my birthday (the 21st/Solstice), let me know! I’d love to see your face. And if you’re going to be at the show at Wind Up Space on Friday night or Faerie Fest on Saturday, come say hi!

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Deadpool 2 * Making out in the cemetery from the Blair Witch Project * Seashells on the ground * Strangers paying for a game of Space Invaders and having to leave so we got to play (and I won a bunch of rounds!) * The Crypt Of Curiosities at Protean Books * Light up toilets * Watching ducks walk around and petting dogs out for walks * A beautiful green stone from Ireland that Maura got for me on her trip * Visiting Mr. Trash Wheel * Seeing Geppi’s Entertainment Museum before it closed forever * Getting empanadas and the most refreshing Sangria of my life at Taste Of 3 Cities * Going to Creative Happy Hour and coloring while drinking a cocktail * Maura getting us donuts for breakfast before our photoshoot weekend * Laura leaving marks on me before she leaves * Pretzel pizza * Coming home to a gift from Cristen on her trip to Florida * Sandwiches with Muenster cheese, tomato, and sprouts * Breaking into an inventory cart to get 10 Jolt Colas out because none were on the shelves * Dancing/singing acapella to The Backstreet Boys while a chef on his smoke break cheered me on * Watching MXC * Tarot cards giving me advice about something that was making me angry, following the advice, and getting results * Getting a food truck vendor to drink red pepper salsa out of a water bottle * Feeling precious * Stocking up on absurd American flag themed clothing/accessories for 4th Of July

This song. These lyrics. Pay attention.


What’s on your happiness list this week?