This post is going to be about the happy things that have happened since I’ve been home from Chicago. The list of happy things from Chicago is very long, and I’ve shared some of them, like Lost Eras and decorating the bus stop shelter. But now I’m home, back to reality. And I’m learning that my reality is totally what I make it! So here’s to happy things in and around us.
PS – Today is Hot Air Balloon and Moonshine Day 🙂
+ personalizing leis for my coworkers and hanging them brightly on the wall
+ going to the Food Truck Wars between Baltimore and DC
+ making a mushroom craft for work
+ being silly in a dance/movement therapy workshop
+ paying with exact change
+ getting a face in my drink
+ celebrating Name Tag Day
+ meeting Watson, the kitty
+ cute notes from penpals
+ making season (almost) appropriate banners
+ listening to awesome mix CDs from best friends
+ sewing together and sending in the Knit The Bridge panel
+ writing thank you notes to people I spent time with in Chicago
+ packaging my first Etsy order for a street art kit
+ getting lots of awesome mail
+ happy hour with Tiffany and Stephanie
+ Stephanie’s creative ideas inspiring me
+ Bug laying in the box my shoes came in
+ not losing my wallet (and my new unicorn one coming in!)
+ decluttering my room a bit
+ sending out a lot of packages
+ making collages in class to the rules of musical chairs
+ crafting for five hours on Charlotte’s porch
+ reading peoples’ top ten things lists
+ public food resources on the street
+ drinking and writing letters at Michelle’s
+ hot fudge sundae
+ going into a liquor store that sells an equal amount of booze and knick knacks
+ my dad being at the same restaurant I went to with Jenn
+ getting a new purse
+ carving my first rubber stamp
+ the sound of the rain
+ remembering Nannie on what would have been her 89th birthday
+ taking an evening to knit an hour, then not knit for an hour (as a schedule)
+ signing up for We Think Alone (and you should too!)
+ Kate linking me to this awesome site, to celebrate your life in cosmic measurements
+ starting to make birthday plans (for Philly!)
+ Bug’s third birthday and him holding his balloon string
+ Janice saying she ate bread because she is a duck
+ wearing a sunflower headband
+ five reasons why you should share your creativity
+ ideas for Spirit Week and a reward system for society
What’s been making you happy lately?