It’s been like two months since I checked in with a Weekly Happiness post! Phew. Lots has happened for sure. You ready? 🙂

If you follow closely on Instagram, you might have seen that I shared that at the beginning of this year I ended my romantic relationship. Some things just need to end. Everything is okay, I’m okay, we’re still friends. In the past couple months I feel like I’ve done some really great soul-searching that has given me a lot of clarity and resolve to move forward in my life, and I’m ready to grow and be even better than ever.

When I was first struggling with the break-up, my friend, Janice, just bought me a ticket to visit her in Utah for a week. It was the kindest gesture of all time, and something I had no idea how much I needed. I got out of town and she showed me the best time. We went to high tea, trampoline parks, and the highest vibe crystal store I’ve ever had the pleasure of being inside of. We decorated cookies with mini murder weapons and googly eyes with her mom, ate out way too much, drank homemade cocktails, shopped our butts off at the coolest party store ever. I tried frozen yogurt for the first time (and can’t believe what I was missing), met a bunch of awesome people in her life, handed out You Are Beautiful stickers to strangers, wore a teal wig while searching for murals, found my first Banksy, and bought more candy than I ever have. It was the most beautiful gift anyone could have given me, at the most perfect time, and I am eternally grateful. There’s a bunch of pictures in the round up below!

Since returning from Utah, I’ve been slowly caring for myself and allowing people to help me (specifically both of my parents, which has been nice). I’ve been trying not to push things too fast or hard, not make appointments because I’ve been so foggy brained, and lay a foundation of love for myself that I can stand firmly on top of. And now I feel like I can jump up and down on top of that foundation without it cracking and I’m ready to start stacking up the bricks to become taller and taller! I feel like I’ve shed a layer, and I want to show it off.

I’m going to start attending yoga a couple times a week with Maura, which I’m really excited about, and I am excited to finally have the energy, motivation, and inspiration to sit at my desk, write, create, and interact again. I really appreciate your patience, understanding, and love, even when you might not have known what was going on. You are the best babes in the biz. I love you so fucking much. Thank you thank you thank you!

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

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Pictures from last week…

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[Extra Sparkle] * NSFW coloring books that appear to be based on me * Starting to collect grocery shopping lists I find at the store * How much different the energy feels in my office when I light candles and incense * Getting custom trophies made * Being empowered to learn how to put air in my tires, finally * My dad fixing my flat tire * Floral table cloth on my dining room table * Having new people in my home and them saying, “You have a really nice place” * My LED essential oil air purifier/humidifier * How badass my Instagram feed looks on International Women’s Day * Stu making my breakfast and feeding me gourmet cheeses * Watching Beemo get brushed * Good storytellers and hilarious stories * Dive bars * Catching really huge, wet snowflakes * Velvet clothes * All-nighter with Maura, watching the new Queer Eye (JONATHAN!) * Remembering to do audio gratitude list sharing on Voxer with Maura * Listening to the radio a lot and finding new music * Full moon gatherings * Hibiscus-infused water * How amazing the babes at the AVAM gift shop are * Dates being a fun reason to get dolled up every night * Phone calls with Laura while she makes her commute * Shawn stopping by * My mom vacuuming for me * Sending people compliments via text late at night

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What’s on your happiness list this week?