Overall, this week has been eye opening and fun. Yesterday I had a very very strange day and I’m looking forward to moving on from it. Aside from that, here are some of the things that made me happy this week.
+ feather residue at HonFest
+ the members coloring in inspirational quotes I printed out
+ the best street festival Baltimore has (HonFest)
+ wearing my woodland fairy headband
+ watching drag queens dance, even though it wasn’t really a “block party”
+ Jenn catching the first firefly I saw of the season, a symbolic start to summer
+ having the “Now I’m going to be smelling to high heaven like a tuna melt!” quote from Tobias stuck in my head all day, and then they served tuna for lunch
+ meeting up with an old friend and meeting a lot of new ones
+ I sent a penpal a bunch of photo slides, she turned them into a lampshade, took a picture of them, put it on a postcard, and sent it to me (the circle of life, love, and mail)
+ Michelle sending me a don’t be sad music challenge kit and telling me that “A Praise Chorus” reminds her of me
+ Suzie sending me a list of good things periodically through text
+ talking to my dad about changes we can make to the house
+ color filters
+ receiving really beautiful mail, many with the intent to cheer me up
+ buying new washi tape
+ letting myself take naps
+ finishing my knitting goal and installing the rainbow tree for International Yarnbombing Day
+ using paint chips with the members
+ my tattoo healing nicely
+ enjoying the simplicity of my new purse
+ listening to Sublime with the windows down like I’m 15
+ dancing to Wagon Wheel so hard my skirt came off
+ wearing bathing suit bottoms as pants
+ seeing lots of large dogs in pairs
+ leaving postcards out for people to mail to me
+ trying vodka and Red Bull for the first time
+ escaping the house party in Pasadena full of 18 year old rednecks
+ lots of positive feedback on the rainbow tree
+ stretching
+ making a positive reinforcement chart for work
+ going to Value Village for the first time in six weeks
+ making birthday cards
+ realizing I only left my laptop at work and it wasn’t stolen
+ Bug being exceptionally loving
What’s been making you happy this week?

PS – My birthday is coming up.. calling for random acts of kindness