Happy Juneteenth! It’s also World Sauntering Day, so that’s pretty important. I’m glad to share my last weekly happiness list while I’m 24. I didn’t do much documentation with my camera this past week, but I promise I had some fun.
+ paper crafts
+ this sentiment I wrote in pastels
+ getting my tooth taken out, and pain killers working
+ being a part of two drum circles
+ Dr. Bug, PhD
+ hanging up the cards Janice sent me all at once
+ dancing on the “rock” side of the bar, and getting serenaded by this guy
+ $5.55 pizza at Pizza Hut (that apparently does not include inner cheese)
+ getting control of manic symptoms
+ organizing the inside of drawers
+ receiving a big package from Karen
+ replacing old photos in the frames in my room
+ LaShandra telling me about the RAOK she did for my birthday
+ Tina Fey’s e-mails to her critics
+ mailing my great aunt Dorothy pictures of my rainbow yarnbombing
+ seeing the intense rain from the second story at Cadillac Ranch
+ Samantha liking her card, leggings, balloon, and photo collage
+ leaving things around Federal Hill
+ Flag Day
+ eating gas station (Food Network approved) tacos off the hood of Lance’s car
+ realizing what I’ve missed for years
+ dancing to “Music Make Me Lose Control”
+ singing to Meatloaf
+ taking new shots with Nick
+ seeing Mester and meeting Anna and other lovely people
+ talking to Brad on the phone for a long time
+ watching an episode of Shameless
+ Janice receiving (and liking) her googly eye shoes
+ the Baked Beans video
+ meeting Tiffany at Cancun Cantina and dancing till my hair was wet
+ The Thong Song
+ getting perspective and Charlotte being so strong
+ running into Catie and Willie at Sticky Rice
+ wearing dresses without leggings
+ seeing a puppy at Bruster’s
+ watching choreography done to “Little Talks”
+ feeling more motivated
+ sticking beautiful things to my wall
What’s been making you happy this week?