Sorry this happiness post is coming so late in the day, but I really wanted to include Charlotte and my yearly Easter Bunny photos! Our tradition is usually to go to the mall on the Spring Equinox, get our photo taken with the bunny, then go stand in line at Rita’s Italian Ice and get the free scoop they hand out to celebrate their first day of opening. But this year the bunny we usually go to was only doing photos this week, so we had to wait – and quite honestly, we never actually get the free scoop. By the time we wait in that line we always end up getting custard, sundaes, or milkshakes so it ended up being fine. You can see my photo below, and Charlotte’s and the one of Charlotte and me together in the slideshow below that. I think we outdid ourselves this year.

Weekly Happiness Easter Bunny Photo 2017 | Uncustomary

Also in the slideshow, you’ll see a bunch of photos from this giant (second annual) event held in Baltimore called Light City where tons of artists create these gorgeous, elaborate illumination based installations that align the Inner Harbor and are also scattered around neighborhoods in the city. It goes every night for over a week, there’s events to enjoy, delicious food, and even a carnival. The first picture is my favorite installation this year. It was gorgeous. (Last year my favorite install was also in the water.)

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[Extra Sparkle] * Being able to give Laura the experience of going to Light City via wheelchair because otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to see the installations * New velvet dress and fuzzy shoes * Being able to fill in at work when I’m needed * Drinking way more water because of my water bottle * Gorgeous weather * Free pineapple pizza * Circus Of Wonder’s show (specifically, David London’s magic) * Delivering wigs at midnight * When Bug turns into liquid * Passing out so hard I wake up in the exact same position * All green lights * Realizing you left something at the place you left before you get too far * Thinx period underwear * When a store has the exact number of things you need * When you’re starving and someone has anticipated that with having a meal (or chocolate) waiting for you

What’s on your happiness list this week?