Happy 50% off chocolate day! Sending you signals of love today! Speaking of love — what about body love? Did you see that my Body Positivity e-course is available for pre-order? It’s cheap for the rest of the month – it goes live in March. Get it for the pre-order price while you can!

Did you see that I created my first mural?! And I started a conversation about Instagram being curated, come weigh in!

Also, my new favorite thing is Charles’ (my boyfriend’s roommate) recent pick-up line. I’ve been telling everyone I can, so I’m telling you, too. It’s amazing. Please use it.

Charles: “Oh, well you should get Netflix.”
Girl: “I have Netflix.”
Charles: “I have plenty of chill, what are you doing later?”

I’m trying to come up with questions I can ask people that will prompt them to respond with the sentence, “I have Netflix” so I can do this. Let’s start a movement.


Here are some pictures from my week!

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[Extra Sparkle] * Watching Blank Check on Hulu and then finding out a few days later via TimeHop that it came out twenty-three years ago (holy shit) * Hearing ridiculous police-bust stories * Finally meeting Joe’s friend, Rabbit — and she’s fucking amazing * A person driving past me, stopping, honking, rolling their window down and telling me that they and their wife follow me on Facebook and love what I do (thank you!!) * Michael Bolton’s Valentine’s Day Special on Netflix (strongly recommend) * Seeing Charlotte H. and working on her wedding project * Super chill Valentine’s Day where Joe doesn’t care that I’m super gross and tentatively bite into all the chocolates my dad bought me and leave the rest in the box * Maura and I coincidentally ordering tacos from the same place at the same time * Happy Hour at The Eagle

What’s on your happiness list this week?