Happy Wednesday and Decorating With Candy Day! What’s the most unique thing you can think of that you could decorate with candy? I think we should make some cardboard cities and decorate them with candy. Like gingerbread houses, but year-round.

So I know this past month seemed like it would never end, but it did! And we will get through everything together. I want to encourage you to take a minute to think about the past month and think of 5-10 GOOD things that happened in January! Put them in an Instagram caption, write them in your journal, type them in a comment below, or simply think them to yourself right now. But take a moment to recognize the goodness that happened despite the chaos. The beauty you were privileged enough to experience. What foods did you get to eat? Who did you get to spend time with? What did you get to see? How did you get to feel? Let’s get grateful!

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Here are some pictures other from my week!

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[Extra Sparkle] * Overhearing my dad tell Bug how handsome he thinks he is * Life-coaching sessions with awesome babes * Blowing up heart-shaped balloons * Crawling through sheets on my knees like I’m in a fort * Visiting AVAM with Cristen and her friend, Donald * Getting some fun goodies at AVAM’s awesome gift shop * Stopping by Joe’s work to get lunch and them giving me a discount because they’re so sweet * Making secret plans to cheer up friends * Neal Brennan’s stand-up (highly recommend) * Joe in his rainbow tutu * House/cat-sitting for Laura all weekend * Eating with Joe at Galaxy Diner in Carytown where the door opened automatically like in The Jetson’s * Leftover tater tots * A Wawa employee truly not understanding my sense of humor and making for a hilarious misunderstanding * Strangers telling me my outfit will be “hard to beat” * Little kids coming up to me and saying, “I like rainbows, too” – completely unprompted * When you think you’re going to get towed, but then you don’t * Loving Joe’s reaction to the cats loving him so much * Planning with Maura for the Postcard Writing Party

What’s on your happiness list this week?