How’s like going, babe? Things have been admittedly rough over here, but focusing on the good is always the best way to get through it. That and wearing rainbow sandals on top of purple tights while drinking rum punch. I’ve found those to be good solutions, too.

If you haven’t checked out the video with the 50 random facts about me, you might just learn a little something! It’s long, but it’s pretty full of information and terrible editing! So it will at the very least be entertaining and voyeuristic.

Here’s some pictures from my week!

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[Extra Sparkle] * Melted cheese * Getting things off my chest * Full moon in Gemini * Cute reusable ice cubes * Getting some hilarious holiday cards out * Maura liking her birthday present * Giving Jason all the absurd Hannukah gifts I can find him in party stores like “Gelt-y Pleasures Chocolate” * Anti-Trump poetry Maura found on a plank of wood * Free parking * Shoes with junk food on them * Seeing how huge Joe’s room is when it’s clean * Sleep aids * Two women in the bathroom, arguing whether or not there was a toilet in the stall (there was) * The satisfaction of breaking off a piece of a chocolate bar * Studio DIY’s “Girl Boss” Playlist * Yarnbombing the pole on the street leaving my neighborhood because they replaced the street sign and my dad asked me to make a new one * Addressing a bunch of postcards to respond to * Starting to make Top 5 lists for 2016 * All the hilarious memes, videos, etc. letting me know that 2016 wasn’t just hard for me and we’re all in this shitshow together (I wonder if Beyonce had a bad year) * Sequins slippers * Friends who are willing to help me through hard shit * Michael Che’s and Kathleen Madigan’s new stand up comedy

What’s on your happiness list this week?