Hey babes! Happy Cashew Day! Do you prefer your nuts salted or unsalted? I like the salt. A lot. Anyway, how’s your week going? I’ve been busy. Friday I got to meet an idol, Saturday I had a Friendsgiving dinner, Sunday was a photoshoot where balloons tried to flee from 50 MPH winds, and yesterday I got a picture of my aura taken! More on that on Friday

Have you signed up for the Stuffed Animal Sleepover yet? There’s still some slots left, so make sure you get your spot while you can! Check out all the information on the official page, and bookmark the Couragemakers podcast episode was a guest of! It will definitely give you a boost in times when you feel like you don’t necessarily have control.

Here’s some pictures from my week!

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[Extra Sparkle] * MEETING LAURA JANE GRACE and her hugging me and signing her book and taking a copy of my book and telling me I’m awesome and oh my glitter I got to touch her and talk to her and I’m still on Cloud Nine about it * Cleaning off my desk and dresser, finding some gems and feeling more organized * DIY props * Joe helping me with street art installations * Maura trying to put a wig on me in 50 MPH winds * The feeling of craft felt * Frank and Sondra at the place where I got the photo of my aura taken * Finding old instant photographs * Clean clothes * Collaborative Happy playlists * Quoting Chris Porter * Ordering a new metallic duffel bag * When my friends get new people to buy my book * The feeling of not being judged * Sipping tequila being a thing that exists * Cristen wearing a yellow dress because she knew she’d be seeing me * Shopping for supplies for the homeless for Ashley, Bryan’s, and Skye’s drive/event * Lots of ideas for events * DC street art * Old lyrics making sense while reading Laura Jane Grace’s new book * Recording a new podcast about punk culture * Maura and I going insane and coming up with absurd ideas * Me turning on the CPAP machine and pretending to be Jason for no good reason * Stealing Joe’s pizza * Maura cooking delicious foods * Knitting in social situations * Sitting on Ashley’s comfy chaise * Videos of Laura’s cats licking each other and cuddling

What’s on your happiness list this week?