Happy Wednesday! Today is also Compliment Your Mirror Day, so go say something nice to yourself! (You look beautiful.)
Later today I’m planning on purchasing and running through a sprinkler, even though the  weather forecast for this week is rain seven times in a row. What do you have planned? Anything for tomorrow (Fourth Of July!)?
+ cleaning out my grandma’s old room to turn into a studio and finding a great amount of treasures along the way
+ going to the Mutiny Pirate Bar
+ adding really colorful things to my wall from what people send me in the mail
+ “and the cat’s in the cradle and the plastic spoon…” something like that
+ double rainbow (and seeing the same rainbow on instagram a bunch of times!)
+ the awesome talent show at my work
+ empty bottles of glitter after using about 90% of it for a street art project
+ twerking till 6 am
+ adding Michelle’s/my version of “The Middle” to my happy journal
+ eating the last piece of birthday cake
+ the fact that Nannie was so organized
+ really quick doctors appointments
+ phone chat with Janice
+ Bug (and myself) crazily chasing a fly around my house in an attempt at murder
+ strawberry lemonade slurpee
+ Spirit Week and water balloons
+ punching circles out of colorful paper
+ writing thank you notes for my birthday
+ scheduling a hot air balloon ride for this weekend
+ talking to people about separate trips to Ocean City, Utah, and New York
+ Post Secret (about poop)
+ adding holidays and birthdays to the latter half of my 2013 planner
+ doing a better job of being alone, even if that means talking in a British accent to my shopping cart
+ Sam buying me make-up at Ulta
+ this video of a sloth getting a onesie
+ meeting Chap the dog
+ walking around the dollar store in the worst mall ever with Brad
+ meeting Sam and Kate, seeing Ashley, Brad, and Nick
+ playing Cards Against Humanity
+ the Chinese lady at the liquor store saying she’d call me because we had the same nail polish
+ snuggling with Ashley in Brad’s bed and pretending we were baby birds
+ feeling like a legit 20-something
+ Yayoi Kusama: Self Obliteration
+ meeting a bunch of new people for Dawson’s birthday at the Taphouse
+ singing (read: screaming)  to “Cute Without The ‘E’” in the bar
+ reading people’s happiness lists for June
+ getting so many likes on my Facebook page
+ new Moo cards arriving with updated URL
+ Bug loving his new spot in Nannie’s room
+ Tiffany’s glittery birthday card
+ watching The Office on DVD
+ reorganizing my room, buying a shelf, and those fabric cube containers

What’s been making you happy?

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