Hey babes. I know we’re still all mixed and messed up from the election. I still have really strong feelings, but I’m trying to let the optimistic part of my brain take over and reinforce my belief in altruism. I’m trying to be more active with actual issues. I’m trying to use my white privilege to end my white privilege.

Speaking of which, here are two events you can participate in with me: Baltimore Scarf Abandonment && Queer Pride Video. Yes, they’re more convenient if you’re local — but you can still totally participate in some form from wherever you are in the world.

Focusing on some good things today, we have some unusual holidays to celebrate! We’ve got two good ones: Button Day and Party With Your Bear Day! If you party with your bear, PLEASE send me a photo. I need it in my life. (If you send me a vertical photo, I’ll share it on Instagram Stories!)

Party With Your Bear Day | Uncustomary

Button Day | Uncustomary

Here’s some pictures of my past week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Maura giving me googly eyes * Sleep deprivation being the best drug * Watching Planet Earth on mute with Darian’s music as the audio * An amazing Saturday with Joe * Making him a care package and him loving it * A stranger telling me they appreciated my “sunny disposition” * Knowing enough about medication to not go home with a prescription for Lithium * Getting a sleep aid medicine and actually being able to sleep * Props * Tracy Jordan’s dialogue * Rave at the place that used to be Paradox * Finding free parking * Recording a vlog on my camera for the first time (and crossing my fingers that it all recorded) / Maura setting up the lighting * People who are pro-love and kindness and against hate * Comfort from friends post-election * Bryan and Ashley sending me a picture of yarnbombing they found in NYC that reminded them of me * Maura and Jason’s surprise engagement party * Free wine * Sweet texts from Joe * Getting Against Me! tickets for March

What’s on your happiness list this week?