Today is both Piña Colada Day and Hot Dog Night in the world of unusual holidays, so go ahead and base your dinner off of those facts!
Happy Wednesday either way! I hope you’ve been having a great week so far. We’re about 1/3 of the way through July already. Pretty soon we’re going to be asking where Summer went!
+ seeing fireworks in downtown Annapolis on the 4th Of July
+ acting out said fireworks
+ Charlotte’s dog being patriotic
+ spending time with Charlotte, Jason, my balloon, and my flag
+ finding Nannie’s brooches and sending them to Kaylah
… and Kimberly

+ ice cream at 11 pm (like a grown up)

+ a charming little video store in Bel Air
+ Bug not understanding that posterboards aren’t always for laying on
+ a beautiful sky as I walked around the Inner Harbor
+ street performers
+ tying ribbons around our fingers in class to remind ourselves to be creativ
+ Sarah’s birthday party in Ellicott City
+ watching July third fireworks from my front yard with my dad
+ thinking about how fireworks are temporary displays of beauty and magic that aren’t appreciated by everyone (and how that is a metaphor)
+ leaving glitter light bulbs and sticky notes around for Bright Ideas
+ not getting towed from an illegal parking spot
+ buying a bubble gun
+ serendipitously receiving an e-mail about how to have a really good workshop
+ getting to 90 likes on my Facebook page
+ making ribbons for my and Charlotte’s hair
+ eating at Chick and Ruth’s
+ half priced drinks at Stan and Joe’s
+ re-living a 4th Of July tradition and starting the dancing
+ remembering to wash my face even though I was exhausted
+ going to the gym
+ meeting Charlotte, Jason, and Dave at Pappas to celebrate his birthday
+ crab macaroni and cheese
+ the weird guessing game of the 22 year old with “under the sea” tattoos
+ watching the hot air balloon get blown up and accomplishing my first goal of this year
+ the pilot, Mike, being so friendly and interested in other people
+ the lonely red latex balloon that was dancing in the street as the hot air balloon crew drove us back to our cars
+ finally doing laundry
+ scheduling the Human Rainbow photoshoot
+ looking at Katie‘s old pictures
+ a baby robin who was just learning how to fly (and uninjured) perching on top of my wet shoes outside for some confidence // the shoes were wet from the field I stood in to wait for the hot air balloon be inflated // it’s a sign for me to fly
+ ordering a mermaid tail I can wear
+ Jenna’s new video
+ coming up with ways to use a button in class at work
+ a client baking me muffins and painting me a picture because she heard I was leaving
+ organizing more drawers in my room
+ finally responding to some mail!
+ making plans to bake cookies with Charlotte
+ Kimmie being in town!
+ Amy Schumer
+ downloading a lot of new music

What’s been making you happy this week?