Hi! Happy Wednesday! It’s my dad’s birthday today and we’re having a cookout for him. If you ever need an awesome book on men’s lacrosse, I’m not the only author in the family! You can get his book on Amazon as well.

Other than that not much is going on. If I’m being honest, this month as been kind of hard. It’s only not rained one day in Baltimore this month, we’re going through Mercury Retrograde, strangers are yelling at me, I left my phone on the roof during a rainstorm, I keep incorporating my alarm sound into my dreams so I’m missing it, I lost $100, and people have been in generally shitty moods. Periods of life like this happen. We have to find Sparkly Linings or we’ll go crazy.

Another tool to use is to shake up your routine to get out of a rut. I know I’m not the only one going through a hard time right now, so I made a list of 50 ways to change up your routine. It might be useful for you to check out and evaluate if there’s an aspect of life you could shake things up in to restore a little bit of sanity! 🙂

Reminder that you can get $4 off my book if you buy it through my publisher’s site this month. (Use coupon code: “CELEBRATE”) It’s a pretty amazing book, but you don’t have to take my word for it! Check out this review:

“I have been going through a very troubled time in my life. At 27 I’ve been divorced, abused physically and mentally, and have been picked on for my weight. All wrapped in to one- I’m a tangled mess. The doctors diagnosed me as bipolar, depressed, OCD and severe body dysmorphia. My grandmother saw my struggle and sent me this book as a gift. I have not felt more happy in my life!

No exaggeration, after reading just 15 pages of it I felt the warmth come back to my heart, the smile back on my face, and the pep back in my step. I have made a commitment to reading at least 10 pages a night while doing the activities it comes with. What an eye opener!” – Nicole P.

Get $4 Off!

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[Extra Sparkle] * “What kind of meat is the cheapest?” “Deer testicles, because it’s two balls under a buck.” * When Joe offers to walk in the rain to get me food * Extra long hot pink phone charger cords * My phone not getting ruined after accidentally leaving it in a rainstorm * Seeing Louic CK’s first show of his new tour, here in Baltimore! * Watching Joe unfold chicken wire because he looked like a disabled T-Rex * Knowing we’re a week away from Playa * Smiley face balloons all over my room and studio * Long phone talks with Ashley * Bug being in a relationship with a bunny rabbit outside (and my subsequent planning of their gay interspecies wedding) * Flower crowns * Interactions in the Uncustomary Babes Facebook group (come join us!) * Nice messages from strangers * Getting to 10K on Instagram * Setting up a video shooting kit with Maura and us being awesomely bad at everything

What’s on your happiness list this week?