Hello! Today is Tequila Day and Drive-Thru Day. Celebrate as you see fit, and have a wonderful Wednesday.
+ this lovely bit that arrived from Michelle in the mail
+ celebrating Lollipop Day at work
+ disco balls
+ beads and buttons I’ve left around my job
+ funny temporary tattoos
+ new comforter
+ celebrating Ice Cream Day
+ this image
+ a farewell happy hour with my coworkers
+ cleaning out my closet (donating, organizing, and discovering items)
+ McDonalds Monopoly Season
+ ordering a bunch of clothes from ASOS and Forever 21
+ people coloring in yellow pigs for Yellow Pig Day
+ 150 likes on Facebook
+ frilly socks and Chucks
+ cutting out blocks of color from magazines
+ going to Bamboo Bernie’s for Ladies Night with Ashleigh, Tiff, and Max
+ finally dancing to “Blurred Lines” in public
+ signing up for Blogcademy!!!
+ booking flights, hotels, etc. and making plans to see Suzie!
+ going to Sticky Rice with Ashley and Ashley
+ going to a weird gamer/frat party in the woods
+ Juicy wearing assless chaps
+ Charlotte liking her birthday presents
+ going to Artscape
+ seeing Jordan and helping him with his mural
+ winning a night on a showboat in Atlantic City
+ buying LOVE Project postcards
+ the messiest cheese steak known to man
+ a free Charm City T-shirt
+ seeing Jukebox The Ghost live!
+ being tanner
+ sleeping in my new bed
+ hanging out in my new studio
+ the “I Hate Public Yarnbombing” group deleting their page
What’s been making you happy this week?