It’s the last Weekly Happiness post of 2014! I’m so excited to get 2015 started, guys! This is a good day to go through your past experiences from the past twelve months and make a note of the things you’re grateful for. What did you get to do this year? What did you accomplish? What are you letting go of? What are you going to try to do next year? Moving on…

Did you have a good Christmas? I definitely did. Christmas Eve was spent with Joe. The restaurant we’ve been waiting to open for months finally did, and we had a delicious Mexican dinner with great service. He made me a stocking (AKA “Mary Stocking”) full of things that remind him of me, and I was completely thrilled by it.

Christmas Day, I slept till the afternoon and exchanged gifts with my dad, brother, and Bug. Bug’s favorite gift this year actually wasn’t the wrapping paper– Success!! He loves the wand I bought him, and I’m so glad. That didn’t stop him from playing in the wrapping paper, though, which led to a beautiful moment a couple days later: From another room I heard my dad explaining to my cat why he had to throw away the wrapping paper trash. Bug was not on his side, and vocalized his opinions with meows and discontent. My dad agreed to leave “one third” of the paper on the floor. It is still there.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Something else that is taking up space in my living room is six giant bags full of donations. My friends and I have been working on decluttering my room, to make it more functional, adult, and beautiful. It’s already working, and although it’s a long process, I’m very happy and excited about it. The idea of things matching in my room is pretty unprecedented.

“Mary’s a real grown up now. We got her a vase and it’s been downhill from there. She bought a pack of screws today and is using a planner. It’s serious.” – Ashley

This weekend’s date night involved breakfast for dinner, arcade games (check out the Dr. Dude pinball game below), and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. My boyfriend is cool.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Extra Sparkle going into a Royal Farms at two in the morning, not wearing underwear, to buy cookies  watching the It’s Always Sunny Christmas special to keep up with tradition  pulling feathers (from my new boa) out of my armpit  incredible gifts that came in the mail from Jackie, Janice, Jen, Kate, and more!  starting my 365 Days Of Guerrilla Art project  my dad taping a too-small envelope to the front of my brother’s card because the card didn’t fit inside  binge watching Broad City (three times)  how delicious Cadbury chocolate is  and also apple pie  leaving positive notes on the windshields of cars in a Target parking lot  getting a hair cut (bangs!) and having a super nice stylist  daydreaming about Leap Day  free lollipop  driving Joe through my childhood neighborhood  finally working on mail (so overdue, I’m sorry guys!)  leaving out Berger cookies for Santa, Baltimore Style  finding good parking spaces  starting dance parties in WalMart  getting a Filofax  Chelsea Peretti’s stand up special  not going nuts after decreasing my medication for a week  Bug love  simultaneously reliving memories with my best friends  the way you always want everything at Ikea  girl power

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Last night, I went to a 24-hour Korean barbeque restaurant. I had never had that before, and it was pretty weird (he cut the meat with scissors!) but also pretty delicious. I’ve since made a goal to eat at 15 new restaurants in Baltimore in 2015. And speaking of goals! I sure have been neglecting them… I’m going to make a point to do as many of these as I can before my birthday in June, and then finish the rest by this time next year.

PS – You know that “Date, Marry, Kill” game you play with celebrities? You give three names and you have to decide what you would do with each of those people. Well, last night we made a new version, but for countries! You name three countries and you have to decide which one you would live in, which one you would travel to, and which one you would go on a sexcapade in. It’s super fun, and I recommend it over drinks, after dinner while digesting and waiting for the check, or while you’re squished with an abnormal amount of people on a sofa.

What’s on your happiness list this week?