Somehow the fact that it was Tuesday yesterday didn’t even occur to me. Christmas has messed up my circuits! It’s okay, though. I’m completely done with everything, and able to relax, which is awesome! It’s Christmas Eve, I’m binge watching stand up comedy and waiting for Joe to get off work so we can go to dinner and exchange gifts.

While I do this, my cat is giving me the biggest middle finger of all time. I thought it would be nice for me to give him a gift a day early! He looked at the cat nip stuffed toy I carefully selected for him, and slowly sauntered out of my room. Two minutes later, he comes back in, carrying a piece of plastic trash, which he has been playing with ever since. He is truly a Bah Hum Bug.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Despite things being pretty hectic, there’s a lot of things to be happy about this week. Last night, my friends and I got hot chocolate and drove around looking at Christmas lights in neighborhoods none of us live in. Then we stayed up till six am, crammed together on a futon, talking about life.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Extra Sparkle:  answering the phone like Buddy The Elf  British bartenders  the yellow coins they give you as tokens at some parking garages  eating Chinese leftovers on Ashley’s couch  making my Christmas cards at Analog in DC, and finally getting them mailed out (sorry for the delay this year!)  dinosaur chicken nuggets  messing with friends while driving, i.e. sporadic honking and hazard lights  being really in love  exchanging gifts with my best friends and getting some wonderful things, like a rainbow vase and a neon yellow plastic purse  drinking pink wine out of a giant novelty flask  reconciling with an old friend  doing Tarot card readings  practicing telepathy  Charlotte and Jason both independently buying adult lunchables as the appetizers for their party getting accepted to do an art show at the top of the World Trade Center  being able to help my friends  watching Sons Of Anarchy and being attracted to Jacks despite his absurd gangster walk  trying Taco Bell breakfast for the first time  kissing Cristen in the rain  meeting with my mom and having it go well  making Nick wear a fake Santa beard and men coming up to him all night  board games I can’t remember  the truest meaning of Christmas  Winter Solstice  Bill Burr’s comedy special and Pee Wee’s Christmas

I participated in a flash mob on Thursday at the mayor’s holiday event. I had to be escorted into City Hall! That’s next level nonsense, right? It was intense.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art
photo credit: Leslie Ebert

Also, I checked in with my psychiatrist, who told me how proud she is of me. She said she loves how my goal has always been to get better, and that made me feel really good. I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve!

What’s on your happiness list?