Hello you beautiful beings. It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for me to tell you a little bit about my week, or so it says in my blog book. I’ve been enjoying reading your responses to my blog reader survey. If you haven’t filled in those few questions for me, I’d appreciate it a lot! Plus, you can get a New Year’s card from me in the mail if you choose so.

A few of my days this week involved waiting at places to fix an admin related problem for someone else. It was a true testament to attitude. If you go into a situation thinking it’s going to suck, then it’s going to suck. But if you decide to make the most of it, you might actually enjoy yourself. Yeah, going to the MVA (DMV for you non-Marylanders) is a generally boring task that people dread. But sometimes, even if you’re exhausted and running an errand for someone else, you can meet a delightful elderly man named Dave, who collects toys that he glues to his desk. He’ll let you take a picture and you’ll give him a “You Are Beautiful” sticker. You’ll get a bunch of knitting done, and on your way back from the bathroom you’ll break into the staff lunch room and get some cookies under false pretenses. And if you’re lucky, someone will sit in one of the cardboard display chairs and fall over before you leave.

I’ve mentioned my fear of being “normal” before, and sometimes when I’m exposed to a lot of regular “adult” conversation I get worried and need to do something to counteract that anxiety. It’s not to say that one day I won’t be married or need to remodel my kitchen, but you can bet your butt that my savings account will be more focused on funding things like basement ball pits.

This weekend, I counteracted that anxiety with walking into a bar at 1 am as the bouncer told me I couldn’t go in. I got motorboated by a giant teddy bear, met someone who is really named Catniss, and then headed to the hot pink ladies room covered in band stickers. The sink was running on full blast, but no one was there, and I had this thought that everything in that moment was pretty punk. I liked it. Afterwards, Ashley and I held a talk show host in her living room. We weren’t videotaping and had no audience other than the wall in front of us, but that didn’t stop us from going on commercial breaks, giving free gifts to the live studio audience, and diving into the real issues.

Extra Sparkle:  the lady who thought I worked at Michaels  how nice my postal worker, J is  my friends making their own Muppet prototypes and Janice getting her real one in the mail for her birthday  putting kitten in a nest  taking a day to rest and get better  going through my top ten lists from 2014  sending tons of Girls “gifs” in my girlfriend text thread  getting my own health insurance  watching Sweet November  going through a Little Caeser’s drive-thru for the first time  meeting more of Joe’s friends at a Christmas party  Cards Against Humanity  liking eggnog for the first time  taking witch, psychic, and empath tests  getting a new video camera and Chromecast  making a pretty absurd video at 3 am  snow  sushi for Munchel’s birthday  doing an interpretive dance while an older man sang karaoke for the first time to “My Heart Will Go On”  my new “happy” sweatshirt

I may never want to “grow up”, but that doesn’t mean every night has to be wild and crazy. I’m completely content to share a pizza with my best friends and watch 90’s movies about witches while working on Christmas cards and answering e-mails.

What’s on your happiness list this week?