Did you know that today is Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day?! So go ahead and put a marker inside a wiffle ball bat and head on over to the post office… Or whatever else you decide to do. Either way, I hope that you have a marvelous Wednesday. You’re beautiful.
+ having a photoshoot with twinkle lights
+ farewell happy hour at Bonefish Grill with some beautiful ladies
+ cutting ribbons for awards
+ Jenn throwing all of my ribbon on top of Bug
+ wearing these floral leggings more days out of the past week than not
+ a successful Human Rainbow
+ confetti fingers
+ my dad leaving me an encouraging note in my car
+ camera ring and sequined skirt
+ my lampshade (and print out of the mermaid aspirations image)
+ napping with Bug’s paw on my hand
+ using my Clarisonic (and it working!)
+ 180+ likes on Facebook
+ reading your top ten things lists
+ sending out a bunch of mail
+ updating my quote book
+ preparing the Monthly Marvels packages
+ talking to Brad and Nick on the phone (separately)
+ Gala Darling’s interview with Good Life Project
+ getting an invitation to help decorate a basement with art!
+ wearing the necklace JoAnna sent me for my birthday
+ hanging out with Brad and being able to help him out
+ going to Glory Days with Sam, Sarah, and Nick
+ washing my sheets
+ lollipops from the bank
+ making bubbles with my bubble gun on top of Federal Hill
+ the fact that dogs came to the Human Rainbow
+ my dad helping me out so much
+ such good responses about the photoshoot
+ having the courage to not engage with people who don’t respect me
+ Kate sending me a picture of yellow Legos
+ playing drinking games to Pocahontas and The Lion King
+ knitting with black sparkly yarn
+ Michelle’s e-mails, lists, and inspiration
+ the Not Normal Mini Cooper commercials
+ buying giant fake flowers
+ setting my cell phone alarm per Gala’s suggestion so I could make a goal list in conjunction with the moon changing into Leo
What’s been making you happy this week?