Happy Creamsicle Day! If you’re into those, you should go celebrate with one. If you’re not into those, maybe a close alternative… frozen yogurt, perhaps?
I hope you’re having a great day so far. I’m making lists and doing laundry for my trip this weekend. Do you have any exciting plans?
Things that made me happy this week:
+ finally stopping to take a picture of my favorite mural in Baltimore
+ going to Patapsco State Park with Brad
+ finding a waterfall (and touching it)
+ carrying around my bubble gun and using it on the playground
+ swinging
+ working on this colorful knitting project
+ “pretending” Bug is a superhero
+ more colorful graffiti
+ Bugles, booze, and the best trail mix of all time
+ seeing my pieces up for the Station North Salon Show
+ watching Independence Day with Bug, and him making this face at human freedom
+ finishing the new season of Arrested Development
+ putting glitter on a pineapple
+ seeing sprinkles of rain on my windshield
+ pink petals on the pavement
+ 50 ideas to get you out of a creative rut
+ going to the gym
+ going to an Art In The Basement party
+ meeting new people
+ gold glitter spray paint
+ 90’s music with Brad and Nick at The Inn (specifically Weezer)
+ Knit The Bridge going up!
+ my dad helping me out with directions when I got lost
+ “Boombastic” playing at a really serious moment
+ glitter nail polish peeling off like snake skin
+ this shower head that makes the water change colors
+ Black Eyed Susans
+ petting Ella and Watson
+ laying in Jenn’s bed, looking at pictures of baby animals
+ Charlotte unearthing this song
+ dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Charlotte and her mom
+  $5 bottomless cup at Odie’s with a bunch of friends
+ beautiful work by Eric Mistretta
+ peach vodka
+ the best part of Shark Week
+ the colors changing in Ashley’s pool
+ jumping in said pool with tights and a tank top on
+ floating around after everyone else got out, communing with mermaids
+ putting Bugles on my hands like witch hands
+ sending out the Monthly Marvels packages
+ getting a pink pedicure and a haircut
+ someone finding the dancing dolphin I left on the street and posting it
+ ordering stamps online and having mail ready to go (waiting for postage)
+ going to open mic night and eating cheap tacos
+ making award ribbons
What’s been making you happy this week?