Hello, world! Happy Saxophone Day! I would love to see how you color in this picture. Is your week going well? I hope so. November is ON. Let’s do it with all our hearts!

Reminder that today is the last chance you get to sign up for November’s Monthly Marvels package! You won’t regret it, I promise.

+ finally stopping in the Latino grocery store to see all their pinatas
+ buying an old school glass bottle of Coca Cola (and realizing I do, indeed, own a bottle opener)
+ sewing panels together to make blankets for the homeless
+ Illinois passing marriage equality!

+ the way Autumn colors compliment buildings so well
+ the way the wind blows the leaves around in the street (especially at night)
+ starting a new month
+ this video on equality that gave me goosebumps

+ testing out Bitstrip for the first and only time
+ giant emoticons in e-mails from Janice
+ being able to give directions to lost people
+ taking a walk by myself

+ seeing AVAM’s new exhibit for free, and being completely blown away by this section
+ decorating my pumpkin with pom poms and gems
+ knitting things for poles and people
+ new installation by luzinterruptus

+ finding hearts etched into poles
+ transferring over most of my old blogger posts to wordpress
+ buying 144 balloons and an air pump
+ this amazing scene from Girls

+ this amazing glittery rainbow thread yarn
+ our waiter at Owl Bar commenting on mouth sores
+ putting up “give thanks” decorations
+ this article on creativity that Charlotte sent me

+ seeing this crowd of people, presumably celebrating someone in their group
+ trying to teach Bug how to do this and him climbing on my perched butt to groom himself
+ shaving my legs for the first time in a month
+ sending out all of the Promotional Postcards

+ the fact that this parking space sign exists
+ Addams Family Values & Casper
+ remembering my neighbor, Mr. Tom, who passed away this week
+ this new video by Natalie Tran

+ Halloween night at O’Briens with friends and all the dancing and weird people (and costumes) we saw
+ deciding we were going to get so drunk that we were going to want to steal the cow from the Shell Station
+ laying in a floor of balloons, then installing them at a park
+ posting something honest on heartbreak

What’s on your happy list this week?