This is one of my favorite times of year. It’s really starting to feel like Summer, we just celebrated Flag Day, and my birthday is in a few days. Speaking of which, I really hope you can come celebrate with me on Saturday! (And if you want to get me something for my birthday, why not patronize my Etsy shop?)

Here’s a peak into my life over the past week. Keep shining, darlings.

+ adorable dressed up dogs at Honfest
+ the general positive vibe in the city
+ stopping dead in our tracks to dance to the street performer playing “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World
+ the feeling you get after fixing your bad attitude

+ dancing at Pride (in the street, with drag queens, and with whoever came up behind me; even if it turned out to be someone I knew)
+ deep fried corn dog
+ writing on the bathroom walls being inspiring instead of dirty and stupid
+ Cristen’s impressions

+ the look of Jason’s LED hula hoop, even though the playground got rained out
+ having moments where my life feels like a movie
+ Eric Matthews
+ signing things “Love, Mr. Pizza”

+ my Andrew WK order coming in
+ learning how to take off gloves in a sexy way in burlesque class
+ putting my faith in strangers (even if it isn’t justified)
+ how amazing the staff at my dentist’s office is

+ finally eating at Lost City; a comic themed diner
+ changing up the decorations in my bedroom
+ hearing Ashley’s funny stories from her work trip to Disney World
+ getting a pedicure and asking for a scale design on my big toe and consequently stumping the entire nail salon staff

+ fishnets and glittery shoes
+ collaging with Charlotte
+ the beauty of having air conditioning
+ writing birthday cards for the closest of friends

+ glow stick dance party
+ Brad’s organic and sweet reaction to Ashley bringing him a bag full of energy drinks
+ cashiers at Target giving us coupons for no reason
+ running into people from my old job

+ getting a package from LaShandra to celebrate the year anniversary of me giving my notice at work, and requesting that I video tape my reaction to opening the package

What’s on your happy list this week?