As I was reading through the past week’s entries in my happy journal, I realized that the past seven days have been filled with delicious food and drinks. The weather has been beautiful, and has allowed for tons of outdoor meals and snacks. Speaking of which, today is Wait Staff Day. So, if you go out to eat, make sure to be extra grateful to your servers. Tips are always good, too!

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of The Office, wearing starfish earrings, and drinking raspberry flavored energy drinks. On Friday I’m going to an It’s Always Sunny themed burlesque show in DC. If you’re local and like that show, you should definitely come!

Today, I’m going to be writing mail, re-working storage in my room, and writing my CV for application purposes. What are you up to today?

+ blue buildings and patches of flowers
+ driving around Baltimore with Charlotte, and giving her my camera
+ going through my pictures and seeing Baltimore through her eyes
+ doing the chicken dance in the street
+ celebrating Richard’s last day of finals

+ Janice sending me this picture of the socks and note I mailed her
+ going to the top of the World Trade Center for the best view of the city
+ a delicious berry smoothie from Nature’s Table
+ watching homemade music videos from when I was 18
+ a guy with a gold tooth telling me that Charlotte and I were “gettin’ it” when we were singing in the car

+ finding an abandoned Chicken and Trout restaurant with hilarious signage
+ cleaning up my room and studio
+ singing “Semi Charmed Life” at karaoke night
+ making out on a street corner
+ researching public art grants

+ pineapple fried rice in a pineapple
+ eating an ice cream cone in a white dress without getting any stains
+ Ashley and Munchel trying on hats
+ chugging a beer after finally finding one I like
+ late night chats with April

+ the architecture of Baltimore’s Cemetery
+ making sad people smile
+ still having butterflies
+ meeting Richard’s roommate
+ Coldstone outside in the city

+ sunbathing in my backyard
+ an amazing time at the Happiness Experience event
+ making my alarm sound “Timber”, so I get to wake up to Ke$ha every day
+ apple juice & vodka
+ happy hour with free drinks and half off tots

+ making friends with dogs at stop lights
+ lunch with friends and my dad at Golden West
+ binge watching Broad City with Ashley
+ deciding on my Halloween costume already
+ feeling better about my body

What’s on your happy list this week?