There are things that I like about every day of the week. I like Thursday nights because it feels like a Friday night always, even though I still have to be at work at the same time. It’s a freeing feeling. I don’t really know why. I like Saturdays because I neither have to wake up for work or go to bed in anticipation for work. Tuesdays are good because I associate them with random gestures. However, Wednesdays have been full of fun things lately.
Today at work I taped nickles and quarters to the bottoms of my shoes and tap danced in the hallway.
After I got off I mailed a package at the post office and picked up something that required a signature.
I picked up my glasses (and sunglasses!) with a new prescription. I haven’t been able to wear sunglasses in years because I hate contacts so much.
I got a pedicure and sprung for a big toe design.
I poured gold glitter on my feet and took pictures of it.
Now I’m watching Garden State. I was convinced that I had seen this movie a long time ago but now that I’m watching it, I think I just saw the ending. It’s a very good movie. I like it a lot.The best part is, the day isn’t over. There’s actually sunlight left and after this movie is over I am going to attempt to play the cloud game with myself in honor of Relaxation Day.I hope that what you’re doing is good and that you are really glad about it.