And we roll from April happiness into May’s…

+ Fred Armisen on 30 Rock Live (East Coast)

+ Feta and spinach stuffed bread sticks from Dominos

+ Discovering a twinkle tree/rose bush alley

+ Watching last year’s talent show performance

+ Meeting Troy the eight week old pup

+ Success of my first giveaway

+ Purchases at The Queen’s Ink

+ New sailboat shirt, Lilac tights, & Old Navy floral skirt

+ Creating a delicious/fattening meal with Matt between WaWa, Taco Bell, and Burger King

+ Remembering where the colorful sculpture was in DC

+ Getting cocktails from Bad Decisions made from real fruit

+ Seeing a huge bouquet of balloons fall to the ground from high in the sky

+ Seeing people walking with balloons

+ My poem for Pocket Poem Day

+ Arrested Development

+ Driving in LaShandra’s convertible to Patty’s last ALI lunch break..jamming to an awfully wonderful song.

What made you happy this week?