Happy Wednesday!

Things That Made Me Happy In The Last Seven Days

+ Katie telling me that blowing bubbles out the car window reminded her of me

+ Sweet potato tots from Sonic

+ Gold glitter nail polish

+ Crab pizza from Joe Squared

+ Inspiring gchats with April about Butoh and life living qualities

+Bug feeling better

+ Being surprised by the convenience store being half a wig shop!

+ Going to Graffiti Alley for the first time
(more to come tomorrow)

+ Responding to Suzie’s letter

+ Fun’s new album

+ Working on my Life Appreciation curriculum for work

+ Matt making Bug a Bug House

+ Elsie’s spring art journal

+ Being inspired by Glenn Howerton’s interview from 2009
+ Really awesome incoming mail

+ Turning the pickle bags from the grocery store into envelopes

+ Interviewing The Knitting Boutique

+ Members’ (at work) responses to “what’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?”

+ Passing out two of my homeless hats

+ happy hour at Yellow Fin with LaShandra and Sarah

**PS – This is my 200th post 🙂